Our Services

Steel Buffalo, provides our customers with innovative solutions to critical mission, business, and technology challenges. We strive to deliver IT services in a cost effective manner and to align our clients IT budget with their business needs to provide maximum ROI. To accomplish this our team members are trained in both technology and technology delivery methodologies such as ITIL. Our client’s mission is our business and we accomplish this adopting industry standards for IT service design, delivery and operations. We analyze requirements across various business units in an organization and engineer holistic IT solutions, which meet current requirements and are flexible for future growth. Some of the areas we specialize in are:

Management & Support Services

Steel Buffalo develops custom tailored programs and solutions that integrate the best people, the best technology and the best cost.  We provide full scope management both on and offsite.

Network & Physical Security

We offer comprehensive cyber security assessments and reviews to identify potential vulnerabilities to your organization and then provide you the tools and personnel to protect your infrastructure and information. 

Engineering Services

With technology ever changing, we can help modernize and bring your Information technology systems to the cutting edge through comprehensive network design and services.


Stakeholder Engagement


Strategy Development & Execution

Steel Buffalo's Strategy Development & Execution Services assists companies and organizations in assessing strategies to acquire and use information effectively and efficiently. We fully understand that each knowledge acquistion strategy is unique to the individual corporation and must be customized to suit current needs; while at the same time remain adaptable to service future needs.

Law Enforcement Planning